A Road
to perfection.

On the new Silk road

Ideal Atom, a Turkish company located in Gaziantep in the south of Turkey. As you know that Turkey is featured since long time ago by its commercial location, as it is located on the old Silk road, and nowadays it has many industries.

    • our Business was established in 1998 in Syria

    • Followed by several companies that were established in Egypt and Turkey.

    • Recently, Ideal Atom company for Cars Care was established in Turkey, and started with its first product “Light Recovery”.

Our company is featured by the presence of specialists in manufacturing cars care products, as well it is interested in processes of research and development, and processes of monitoring and evaluation, and the quality control, in addition to after sales service. Our company deals with marketing experts to help our partners to reach the largest number of the last customers and users of its products.
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